IAESTE in Austria is represented by seven local committees (LCs):

The LC BOKU resides since 1991 in the University of Natural Resources and Life Sciences. From here we realize around 20 internships every year. Moreover, our members co-organise the TECONOMY Vienna, which takes place in the TU Wien every year, one of the biggest career fairs in Austria.

Since IAESTE is a non-profit organization, each and every internship is the result of the work of many motivated and dedicated members. In Austria, IAESTE can be found at six different universities, with BOKU being one of them. These local committees work closely together, holding workshops, excursions, and much more. The voluntary work in addition to our studies offers many challenges and chances for personal development. Teamwork, teambuilding and fun are major components of our activities.

Our office is in the first floor of the Muthgasse I, next to the computer rooms, and consultation is every Wednesday between 10:00 am and 12:00 m (except holidays).

c/o Universität für Bodenkultur
Muthgasse 18
1190 Wien

E-Mail: boku@iaeste.at
Telephone: 01 4765 19119

Consultation: every Wednesday 10 am to 12 m (except holidays). We are in the office very often, anyway – so just come by!

Members meeting: every second Monday along the semester, always in our office (Muthgasse I, 1st floor, ober the Café-Mensa). Are you interested? Write us a Email or just come by!

ZVR: 937668878 | DVR: 0727849


IAESTE Graz is a non-profit association lead by students in the Graz University of Technology which aims for international exchange of students of technical and scientific studies at universities and technical colleges on the Graz area.

Besides the IAESTE’s exchange program we organice as well

  • the career fair TECONOMY Graz
  • Coffee and mulled wine stand, and
  • support institutes with the organisation and marketing of events in the Graz University of Technology

Do you have interest on a internship abroad or you want to get to know us and our projects? Then get in touch over E-mail, on consultation hours, on a members meeting or one of our round tables.

Our consultation hours:
Tuesday, 10:00-12:00

Language certificates: Eventbrite oder internship@graz.iaeste.at

Inffeldgasse 10
8010 Graz, Austria

E-Mail: graz@iaeste.at
Telephone: +43 (0) 316/873 – 5192 (The office is not always occupied! We beg on understanding!)

ZVR: 824839647 | DVR: 4007499


IAESTE is an internationally active student organisation which provides technical and natural sciences internships in 86 countries as well as students from all over the world during their internship in Tyrol.

The local committee Innsbruck is one of a total of seven sub-organisations at the different universities in Austria and at the technology campus of the University of Innsbruck.

We work voluntarily and do the work next to our studies, we see the motivation in the exciting and varied tasks that are to be mastered and the great fun this international environment and the time with our team bring with them.

If you are also interested in getting the first experience in project management, in implementing innovative ideas and in the field of team-building, please get in touch with us or just come by – we always look forward to new faces!

IAESTE Innsbruck
Technikerstraße 13 (Bauingenieurgebäude, ÖH-Büro)
6020 Innsbruck

E-Mail: innsbruck@iaeste.at
Telephone: 0512 50735665 (only in the Consultation hours)

Consultation hours: every Monday from 3 to 4 pm and Wednesday from 6 to 7 pm (excluding non-lecture period).

Members meet: every Wednesday or ever second and fourth Monday of the month at 6 pm during the semester, always at the ÖH-Büro am Technik-Campus.

Are you interested? Write us an e-mail, message on Facebook or simply come by!

ZVR: 247403629 | DVR: 4007465

The main task of the IAESTE Leoben is to enable interested technology students of Austrian universities to complete a professional internship abroad as well as to enable Austrian companies to gain new experience through foreign trainees. Furthermore, the local committee Leoben also organises the TECONOMY Leoben, the only company fair at the Mountain University, every year. The IAESTE Leoben cares about the physical and spiritual well-being of the mountaineers, from coffee stands to info nights to student parties.

c/o ÖH Leoben
Franz-Josef-Straße 18
8700 Leoben

E-Mail: leoben@iaeste.at

ZVR: 852804997

IAESTE Linz is a student-organised association, which is run by all members alongside the studies on an honorary basis. You have the opportunity to gather in the fields like project management and teamwork! We organise internships, paid internships, career expeditions and company excursions.

In Linz we organise:

  • the career fair TECONOMY Linz
  • The company shuttle together with the other branches in Austria
  • One Mensafest per semester at the Linzer Uni Inn
  • The IAESTE exchange program

If you have any questions regarding our projects, please do not hesitate to contact us.

Altenbergerstraße 69
4040 Linz

E-Mail: linz@iaeste.at
Telephone: +43 732 / 2468 – 4837

ZVR: 626183872 | DVR: 4008004


The main task of the IAESTE Salzburg is to provide specialist and paid internships abroad to motivated students of technical and natural sciences. In direct exchange, we offer Austrian companies as an enrichment for their companies.

As a newly established and thus most recent Austrian locality committee, our team is composed of enthusiastic and dedicated students. If you want to join, just come by: we meet every Wednesday at 18:00 in the HS 412 at the NaWi (Hellbrunnerstraße 34). We look forward to meet you!

IAESTE Vienna is a non-profit organization, which is lead by committed students from the Vienna University of Technology.

Through our exchange program every year more than 30 students of the Vienna University of Technology get the opportunity to gain practical job experience abroad.

Together with the IAESTE BOKU, IAESTE Vienna organises the TECONOMY Vienna at the Vienna University of Technology. The TECONOMY Vienna is one of the largest career fairs for science and technology.

More Information

Paniglgasse 16/1
1040 Vienna

E-Mail: vienna@iaeste.at
Telephone: +43-1-588 01-496 31
Fax.: +43-1-504 43 23


Office hours:
Monday to Wednesday 10 am – 12 pm (except non-lecture time)

Members Meeting:
Every wednesday at 6:30 pm Membership meeting in our office (except for non-lecture time)
Everyone is invited!

ZVR: 361824298 | DVR: 0590347

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