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Have you ever…?

  • negotiated with CEOs on equal terms?
  • called someone in Ghana?
  • organized a ski trip for your buddies and 100 other people?
  • exchanged shirts with a Brazilian girl?
  • hosted a multinational Skype call?
  • eaten a “Burning-Mozart”?
  • managed a project with 50+ people of workforce?
  • used your language skills on a daily basis?




In Austria IAESTE is run by students who volunteer in their spare time to take care of the exchange program and manage other projects such as our career fairs and the FirmenShuttle. We offer all our members the opportunity to create their own projects and shape the future of our organization. You can find our local committees in several cities across Austria.

You will learn how to effectively manage your workflow and how to approach companies or legal bodies on a B2B/G2B basis. IAESTE operates around the world and therefore you will form strong relationships with people from differnet countries and even continents. This widespread network and unique experiences might be the kickstarter to a successful career after your graduation!


Every year IAESTE hosts a series of national as well as international events filled with workshops about negotiation strategies, presentation, time management, sales and more. You will have access to these conferences and become part of one or more working groups which coordinate the development of IAESTE on a local as well as (inter)national basis.

Take responsibility

IAESTE is a great place to hone your soft skills and to learn how to take the lead. As a member you will routinely engange in long-distance business conferences, know how to lead a team and negotiate with partners, clients, suppliers and other legal entities.

International friendships

You can use the global network of IAESTE to get in close contact with people from all over the world. Our events are a perfect opportunity to learn about different cultures – on global/paneuropean events we organize “International Evenings” where every country will present itself with food, drinks, music and alike. During summertime many European committees host weekend getaways “Summer Reception” for the trainees which you are free to join and explore a new city together with a multicultural group of students.

Want to know more?

Contact your local committee via email/Facebook or visit us directly at one of our offices at your university.

IAESTE Locations



As voluntary members nobody will force you to dedicate more time to IAESTE as you would like to give. You will always be able to put your studies above your engangement at IAESTE. Naturally we can realize more projects if our members participate in IAESTE’s activities, though. Our weekly member’s meetings take about one hour.

As a member we highly encourage you to attend the meetings as often as possible to keep track of current topics within the organization. Should you have to cancel a meeting you can always catch up with another member and ask for a summary.

Yes, of course! We are happy to welcome students from all universities and universities of applied sciences (Fachhochschulen).